Infinity Exchange Introduces Game-Changing Fixed Income Solution

Vladislav Sopov

Infinity Exchange Leverages Hybrid Technical Instruments to Unlock New Yield Generating Opportunities for the Next Generation of Crypto Users


  • Yield curve, complex collateral and more: what’s new in Infinity Exchange?
  • Bringing the next trillion to the DeFi segment

Infinity Exchange, a new decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, introduces a range of game-changing concepts to make sustainable yield farming more profitable, flexible and capital efficient.

Yield curve, complex collateral and more: what’s new in Infinity Exchange?

According to the official statement from its team, the Ethereum-based Infinity Exchange platform is poised to introduce an ecosystem of next-generation yield farming instruments.

On September 1, 2022, Infinity Exchange is rolling out its testnet version, opening it up to all Web3 enthusiasts, traders, yield producers, and holders.

Founded and led by former Morgan Stanley head of structuring Kevin Lepsoe, Infinity Exchange aims to merge the advantages of DeFi and TradFi, moving some sensitive elements of its risk management mechanism off-chain.


Namely, Infinity Exchange pioneered the floating rate concept with zero supply used for both lending and borrowing. This tool is designed to make the yield generation experience more profitable and inclusive for all participants.

Its new yield curve design is designed to enable long-term yield programs: liquidity providers will have predictable and reliable estimates of the yield they can exploit on any pool over the long term.

Bringing the next trillion to the DeFi segment

On top of that, Infinity Exchange will unlock much more impressive collateralization opportunities for holders of various assets. Special conditions will be offered to managers of large deposits.

Infinity Exchange founder Kevin Lepsoe highlights the critical importance of this paradigm shift to the evolution of the DeFi segment as a whole:

Crypto fixed income markets are expected to be 100x higher than they are today and we are taking the first two steps in that direction. We introduce an institutional-grade interest rate protocol that aligns with theoretical finance, while taking a holistic approach to risk management. In TradFi, institutional investors are more active in bond markets than in equity markets. If we want more institutional crypto adoption, we need to nail fixed income markets first and that starts here at Infinity.

Infinity Exchange engineers and its community are targeting December 2022 as a tentative mainnet launch date.

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